I am the Deputy Director of the Monash eResearch Centre at Monash University. I aspire to deliver to the technology future of innovators, organisations and society. As a technologist, it is helpful to view my work through several lenses.

My substantive role is to narrate vision, influence strategies & technology governance, and implement operational know-how for research-led digital innovation at the university. Refer to my LinkedIn profile and the Monash eResearch Centre page.

I also work for significant research and infrastructure projects, government agencies, local SMEs and multinationals. My expertise is deep industry knowledge (technology & academia), technology & data governance, and thought leadership. I describe these on the Project page and check out my Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

I have amassed research outputs throughout these years, which you can find on my Research page. It is worth noting that academic success is a clear second priority to delivering impact.


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