I am the Deputy Director of the Monash eResearch Centre, at Monash University. I was recruited to provide vision and operational know-how for business-led digital innovation. 

What have I learnt / discovered? eResearch is the practice of 21st century discovery through the application of advanced methods, computing and IT. From a hard lens: we partner with research groups with the mandate to accelerate and transform knowledge creation, by connecting them to the most appropriate hardware, software, data, expertise and services for the research methods they choose. From a soft lens: we maximise the interplay between technology, people and process to ensure our users (researchers) win at both: first to publication and improving society today. In research there is no prize for coming second, or hiding behind campus walls.

The Monash eResearch programme now systemically underpins Monash University's digitally fuelled research. I have attracted over $50m of national digital transformation projects and have operational oversight of $10-20m of institutional digital initiatives per year. These projects deploy technology, capability and in many cases drive systemic process and culture change across the University and Australia. I also lead the initiatives to centralise cloud and data lifecycle for research. I have an established reputation for empowering the design and access of infrastructure and platforms to our users, whilst ensuring security, cost effectiveness and impact are appropriately governed and balanced. I am globally connected with demonstrated leadership positions within research communities, multi-national technology companies and open-source initiatives.




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