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innate innovation

Digital innovation can be innate to a sustainable, equitable and inclusive world, but the corporate journey is complex. For example, society's growing awareness of climate change and data protection can either promote or hinder your successful adoption of AI. 


This evolving social consciousness creates an organisational need to outmanoeuvre looming technology & data governance complexities. I founded Innate Innovation to help organisations deal with increasing costs, reduced financial appetite, value chain disruption, workforce retention, cybersecurity, data protection, decarbonisation, and sovereignty challenges. We provide access to independent, overlapping and fractional CIO / CTO / CISO / CDO / CPO / CSOs (information, security, data, product & sustainability) capabilities informed by contemporary ESG issues. Whether it be strategy, education, advice or coaching, Innate Innovation is essential to technology producers and consumers.

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what do we do?

outmaneuver the complexity wall

Innate Innovation provides strategy, education, advice & coaching on:

Energy transition - sustainability

Data protection - cybersecurity

Culture & capability - staff retention

applied to the specialist technology & data fields of:

sustainable computing

cloud, colocation datacentres & high-performance computing (HPC)

people-centric / granular cybersecurity

generative AI

predictive modelling

DevOps (beyond traditional technology functions)

unifying data governance & technology ecosystems

my leadership

my targetted areas of expertise are:

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Green Energy Turbines




Innate Innovation

Technology & data governance for innovators

Access thought leadership, strategy & advice for your business through Innate Innovation

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