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The halo manifesto

The halo manifesto describes how heroes (researchers) need to be protected without adding work they need to do and without removing computing resources from them.

As technology stacks deepen, and societal impact increasingly involves observing people…

... we will need to devolve responsibility (governance) to global collaborations.

Which means:

We’re adding the security work each collaborating entity requires and applying best-practice on increasingly finer units.

In this scenario:

The granularity of control is not organisational boundaries, VLANs or machines, but rather a zero-trust where: 

  • at its coarsest - distributed applications, and 

  • at its finest - subsets of data within these applications

Which pill will you take?

  1. Innovation slows (as barriers to collaboration and access increase)

  2. Time to market slows (as your data processing capacity decreases), or

  3. We get very good at offloading (halos that cannot be seen or felt)!

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